Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Not again!

Yes I admit it, I have just repacked my suitcase again! I decided to use a slightly larger one, so I have a little room for manoeuvre.
The only thing I have to decide now, is which pieces of jewelry to take and show off at Bead and Button. There will be some impressive competition.
What I have realised is that I have been concentrating on the lamp work so much in the last 18 months, that bead work has taken a back seat, so I am low on new bead work pieces. However, I don't seem to have many finished lamp work projects either. I have so much fun / frustration making beads, that I forget to make them up into finished pieces. I'll be raiding my box tomorrow. Do I take a different piece for each day? That's a lot of jewelry. Hmmm. Decisions later. I'm too tired now.

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