Thursday, 18 August 2011

Genius at work

There were times I forgot to breathe watching Di East work her magic. This simplified version of her paperweight (featured in the previous post), took 3+ hours to make.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Di East is a genius with glass. Everyone was blown away by her paperweight.
Whoops, fingerprints are showing.

Here's looking at it in daylight and at night. Absolutely fabulous.

Party bubbles

Bubbles are not just for champagne.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Magic moments

Like diamonds in the sky.

Flash Dance!!!

No, I didn't see anyone in legwarmers!

We're hungry! And thirsty!

Lots of hungry people waiting for the BBQ to dish up.

Other people tried to catch the escaped chickens (they did not go on the BBQ!!!).

And most importantly, the beer tent.

(Just an observation - I'm seem to be an expert at taking pictures of people's backs).

Let's have a party!

Summer party at Tuffnell Glass. Here is what Tuffnell Glass looks like, and happy people gravitating to all that lovely glass.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

He's 'armless

Ken Scott ( kindly showed me how to make little creatures. Here is my first attempt. He's armless cos I forgot to add them at the time.

I think he is a cross between ET and Sid the sloth from Ice Age. What do you think?

A weekend session

This is what I managed to get over the weekend. I am trying to make sets for jewellery at the moment, hence lots of the same.

I am a bit out of practise, having more recently been doing one of a kind and much bigger focal beads.

I want to make some coppery/bronze coloured beads next, but am not too sure how to get the colours I would like. Some experimentation ahead I think.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hot glass, hot techniques

Demonstrations - murrini, blowing shards (me) and roses.

Loads more fun.

Di East had an open studio, so there were lots of people having a lot of fun.

Colour and fun

This weekend was full of colour, and experimenting with colour layering, see all those hand pulled stringers?

Busy bees

Had a busy glassy weekend.

Had a two day class with Di East (at her studio), substituting for Sarah Hornik, so learnt lots about colour combinations. Then stayed for a third day as Di had an open studio, with lots of vendors, and like minded glassy people. How could I say no to shopping for glass related things. And yes, before you ask, I did buy glass. I bought a starter kit of Lauscha. So thats a new one for the collection. And then in the raffle I won a bundle of gaffer glass, which is COE 96, but thats ok as I have a piece of dichro that is 96, so some experimental combinations coming up. However, my work space is a mess as I was busy completing the exchage beads, then went away. So no torching til that is sorted.

Will try and post some pics soon, showing what I got up to.