Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Still catching up

Still trying to catch up and tell you about the rest of the lamp work classes I took.

I did a class with Katherine Natalia Wadsworth, who challenged my ability with heat control. It was good for me. I am an impatient lamp worker, so doing something more slowly, and learning greater control was a very useful skill to learn.
Katherine taught us so many different ways in which to etch beads, from using simple craft punches, using resist gel, painting on a wax resist, to making our own intricate hand cut stencils. It was a lot of fun, and gives a whole new dimension to the beads. Her beads are really different. Go and have a look at www.nataliadesigns.com

My last lampworking class was with Michael Barley, who has a very calm, almost zen like teaching persona. He showed us magical reactions beyween the glass and silver leaf, and how to get windows on the surface in order to see into the middle of the bead. How to layer colours together, and get beautiful patterns showing through in his Baleen bead.

Now I have to put all these techniques into practice, and develop and extend my skills. All the teachers were so generous, sharing their ideas and experiences with us. One day, after the dreaded practice, practice, practice, I might be able to do them justice.

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