Thursday, 27 May 2010

Getting the best deal

Getting the best deal on foreign currency meant that I took a trip to Queensway last night.
I was amazed to see Bayswater station only 50 metres away down the road.
What a multicultural area it is. So many different types of food places to eat in, and an oriental supermarket. Of course I had to go in to have a nose around, and in the spirit of being adventurous, I have come home with some palm seeds in syrup. I'll let you know about those at a later date, when I actually taste them.

On the beadmaking front, things have been a little slow the last couple of days. I did use my shards on a couple of different coloured bases, and so far the transparent dark aqua blue, and the transparent pink are the favourites. I will try to take some pics. Promise.

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