Sunday, 23 May 2010

A bit of a shock

I got tickets for Carmen at the O2, and we headed off on Saturday evening for some culture. The performance was in English so was an added bonus. The use of the stage (which was huge) and the sets, were very effective. At the end of the performance there were hundreds on the stage. The last few scenes were magical, there were flame dancers, fire eaters, stilt walkers and gymnasts. My eyes were flitting around trying to take it all in. The only part of the evening I did not enjoy was the ascent and descent to my seat. As we walked up the tunnel towards the seting area I got a bit of a shock. We were up in the top level, and for someone with a touch of vertigo, it felt as if I was tilting forward, about to fall down to the floor way below. Once I was in my seat I stayed glued in it, and did not move. By the end of the performance I think my knees had locked into place.

We rushed out, with the other 15,000 people in the audience, and struggled to the tube. We managed to get into the first one, and got home before midnight. Wonderful!

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