Sunday, 15 May 2011

An artistic afternoon

Saturday, sunshine and showers. I was lucky, and only experienced the sunshine.

I spent a delightful afternoon at the open studio of Chrissy Silver (find her at this website :

Chrissy makes stunning porcelain pieces, that appear rather fragile and delicate, but in reality are functional and sturdy. The colours tend to be on the subtle side, echoing the delicacy of the medium. But I spent too much time talking and socialising with her and the other visitors, to have enough time to fully appreciate the entirety of her displayed work. However, I did manage to grab a few pictures to remind me of her work, and to whet your appetite.

Chrissy also has an amazing garden. Take a walk down the garden, and it seems to extend endlessly, with various pathways leading to little nooks and crannies, and displaying a variety of shrubs and flowers. It is a beautiful space.

I have included a picture of the artist, taking a picture in her garden, of one of my beads.

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