Monday, 12 July 2010

Busy bee

Okay, I have been a busy bee, but not necessarily all to do with beads. Have spent a lot of time commuting up and down between north and south London to spend time with family and sort out things with same.

I also found an exchange on Lampwork etc, the Candyjacks one, which means I have to make new murrini. While I love doing that, the end results are not always as good as I had hoped. I had decided to go for a summer fruit colour scheme, but then started getting distracted with other colours. Some combinations have worked better than others. But I am keeping them all simple at the moment, usually just four colours/layers. Maybe I will make some more sophisticated ones too, when I have at least two clear hours with no interruptions.

Ooohhh. My friend has found a belly dance class nearby. Guess what I will be attempting tonight. Thank goodness its cooler, it will be much more fun. I just need to find my hip scarf now. now where did I put it.......................?

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